Basic plan

ORDER Basic plan is our most popular hosting package. It offers 10 email accounts and more disk space than Starter plan. It also has a support for more databases. With Basic Hosting you also get a ssh-connection between our server and your computer.

Pricing from 7.90€/mo.

3 months 28,20€ (9,40€/mo.)
6 months 53,40€ (8,90 €/mo.)
1 year 100,80€ (8,40 €/mo.)
2 years 189,60€ (7,90€/mo.)

Choose your own domain

Basic and Business plans have a support for more domains than just one. Basic plan includes support for main domain, 2 addon domain and 2 parked domain.
You can choose for example from following TLD’s
.fi, .se, .com, .net or .org . More TLDs and their prices.

Email with your unique domain

With the Basic Hosting package you get 10 Email Accounts. You can create as many Email aliases as needed. Emails can be read with a secure connection with our Webmail, but programs like Outlook, Windows Mail or Thunderbird can also be used. Spam Control and Virus protection are included!


In all our Hosting packages a Sitebuilder is included. Sitebuilder is in English (also available in Finnish). With Sitebuilder you can make your own website fast, easily and in style. More information here.


With the Installer you can install e.g. WordPress, Joomla, Magento, OwnCloud, phpBB and much more. More information here.


Basic plan includes a possibility to use SSH. With SSH you can transfer files safely between your computer and the server. After orderin basic plan, you can ask the SSH to be opened.