CDN (Content delivery network)

What is a Content delivery network?

A Content Delivery Network accelerates your website by storing copies of your images, video, static files on caching servers that are located around the world.

What kind of sites benefit from CDN?

Sites that have traffic from around the world and has a lot of media and other static content has most benefit from CDN. In these cases CDN can make the website a lot faster.


Create and delete CDN resources
HTTP Prefetch
HTTP Purge
Hotlink protection
URL signing
Restrict delivery per country
Password protection


Only 4,03 € per month month + 0,08 € per GB traffic sent
Monthly billing

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Helsinki, Finland
London, Great Britain
Oslo, Norway
Berlin, Germany
Lissabon, Portugal
Barcelona, Spain
Gdansk, Poland
Frankfurt, Germany
Praha, Tsekki
Villeurbanne, France
Madrid, Spain
Ateena, Greece
Kiev, Hungary
Manchester, Great Britain
Bryssel, Belgium
Budapest, Hungary
Luj-Napoca, Romania
Dublin, Irland
Zurich, Switzerland
Göteborg, Sweden
Milan, Italy
Amsterdam, Holland
Varsova, Poland
Copenhagen, Danmark

South America:

Sao Paulo, Brasilia


Sydney, Australia


Bangkok, Thailand
Moscow, Russian
Saint Petersburg, Russian
Tokio, Japan
Hong Kong, China
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Jakarta, Indonesia
Shakhtinsk, Kazakstan
Istanbul, Turkey
Amman, Jordania

North America:

Tampa, USA
Salt lake city, USA
Chicago, USA
Phoenix, USA
Houston, USA
Atlanta, USA
Montreal, Canada
Toronto, Canada
Miami, USA
Los Angeles, USA
Washington, USA
Dallas, USA
Seattle, USA
Denver, USA